changing children’s living room at a time.


Here are a few ways you can get involved and create change….



 All proceeds benefit The Broadway Inspirational Voices Outreach Programs.

Your generous donation will help us in bringing the next Parlor Night to a gorgeous, living room near you!


Fund an arts program in your family's name allowing music to be given to so many children in need of expression, individuality, and creativity.

We are looking for sponsors to donate the ingredients in order to keep creating our special evenings of music, good food, laughter, and song. We are in need of sponsors for catering, beverages, and staffing. We want to know who you know and appreciate your help.


Want to host the next Parlor Night in your fabulous living room? We can’t wait to know you!

Please contact us here to get started.  




No two Parlor Nights are the same because every home is different.

See you in the next living room for another once-in-a-lifetime experience.